Буровая установка с длинным шнеком JZB90 в Казани


Model JZB90
Drilling diameter 600mm
Max. drilling depth   31m
Power head Type ZZSH480-60
Power 2×55Kw
Output speed 16r/min
Max.output torque 55KN·m
Pile frame Type Walking type three-point support
Walking speed 0.08m/s
Rotation angle Full slewing
Slewing speed 0.31r/min
Ground pressure 0.062MPa
Overall dimension (12.5×6.0×38.2)m
Main hoister Type Type JK8
Load of single line 80KN
Rope speed 22.5m/min
Max.pull force 640KN
Auxiliary hoister Type JK2.5
Load of single line 25KN
Rope speed 18m/min
Oil pump Type CBF-E63
System pressure 16MPa
Total weight 55T

Note:The max driling depth of JZB90 and JZL90 will be 20m when their driling diameters are 800mm;
   The max driling depth of JZL120 will be 25m when its driling diameter is 800mm.